Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time Off

We have been kind of taking a break over the last few weeks. We are planning a big trip in August to North Carolina. So far it looks like a 6 day trip into the North Carolina back woods and coastal regions. We are excited about it and look forward to posting some great pictures to the website.

We may be going out sometime over the next month but we aren't anticipating anything too big. Just maybe some time to just escape for a day or so.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Day Was A Bust

Well, I have to say I was disappointed in today. We went out early expecting to get an entire day in of shooting. We brought the canoe so we could head out into the marsh and ponds. When we arrived it was extremely overcast and windy as all get out. We gave it a try though. We made it across the pond and into a small cove but decided to head back in because the wind was starting to pick up more and the clouds got dark.
The canoe trip was ok. Need to work out some kinks but we did good.

We got back in and just spent some time shooting from the shore. But because of the extreme overcast sky most of the reptiles and amphibians were somewhere else and I had no idea where.

Whilst we were shooting the US Fish And Game Enforcement officer showed up. He was a very polite and nice guy. We talked for some time and he asked about the canoe. Turns out we didn't have the proper flotation devices and he warned we could receive a $100 fine. He gave us a break.

He then let us in on the fact that they just opened another refuge about 10 minutes from where we were. So we decided to head out.

When we arrived you could tell they just put the road in. And it wasn't much of a secret place. There is a sign about 8ft long by 4ft. right on the side of the road. We drove through and it was a nice place, but a bit small. Not much happening there. We didn't see any wildlife except some birds. Oh, and one turtle. I decided to just stick with landscape shots myself while Kathy chased birds.

Well, we then decided to have a late lunch and come up with some strategy for where to go after we ate. We decided to go back to Rappahannock NWR on Newland Rd. this is the same place we tried to use the canoe. So we headed back.

We drove in the gate and decided to go extremely slow. As we did we heard some obvious yet strange bird calls. We stopped and turned off the truck. We sat for a long time but could not make out where or how far they were.

We went back down to the swamp but again, nothing. So 10 hours and not a thing. Well, I have to Say nothing for me. I know Kathy got some good shots but not as much as usual.

Next trip is we are heading south or northeast. Won't know till then where we'll go.

I did have a Carnidal get excited about my truck. Thus the picture to the right.

Friday, June 19, 2009


We will be going out again on Saturday and Sunday coming up. We've decided to go back to Warsaw, Va where we were last weekend. We are bringing a canoe with us so we will be able to gander on out further. The lake is rather large and we see plenty of opportunity to shoot some good stuff.

Seeing as it's father's day on Sunday, it was my choice what to do. So that's what we're doing. Of course, Kathy has no objections. She was thinking the same as I about this weekend.

I will post a new blog once we get back on Sunday night.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I spent nearly two hours yesterday going through pictures and deciding which ones to post to the web. After all that time I only came up with about a dozen. We have so many that it is extremely difficult to decide. So I have come to a conclusion and we will be posting whatever pictures we shoot.
We will begin uploading in the next few days. It will take some time but it will be awesome. So many shots to see and it will amaze you at some of the vivid shots Kathy has been able to get and some of the raw shots I took. Yes, she is better than I at shooting.
Go to the website over the next few days and you will begin to see new pictures everyday.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spontaneous Trips

Sometimes we decide last minute to go out and shoot. Most of the time we plan it out fairly well. this past weekend we planned only Saturday and had nothing planned for Sunday. On Saturday we spent our day on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Most of it spent at the Eastern Neck NWR in Rock Hall, Md.
Once we arrived it was very clear that this Refuge was more than a wildlife refuge. They had recreation areas and allot of public access. As we drove thru we noticed allot of people walking and riding bikes. And motorcycles driving thru. We knew that it probably wouldn't be a fruitful trip. But we stayed anyway and took some shots that weren't so bad. The biggest event was spotting the red fox trotting down the road. We watched him/her for about 20 minutes as it searched for bird eggs in the thicket by the marsh. As quickly a he/she appeared, it disappeared.
We spent more time shooting butterflies and bugs and flowers. But as we shot these we were inundated with people walking around and asking questions. Seems this is a Nice place but if you're serious about shooting wildlife you're better off looking elsewhere.
We spent about 2 hours walking through the woods and had no luck spotting anything. We heard plenty of birds and rustling in the trees and bushes.
We took a solitude break away from everyone near the shore of the bay. While there we were treated to a close up of a hawk flying next to the truck. and as we exited we spotted a groundhog on the side of the road who seemed just as interested in us as we were of him.
Ospreys made a nest atop a power pole. We watched as a young osprey took it's first attempts at flight. It was a glorious sight to see him sour. He would take off and a parent would fly just over top of him and he would then land back in the nest not going more than 20 or 30 yards away.
On Saturday night we decided we would go out again and go back to Maryland. We saw some signs for a wildlife park or something and followed the signs but found nothing. But, as we drove along a very secluded road we decided to stop at a marsh and shoot. As we did Kathy spotted a Bald Eagle in a tree about 100 yards away. She motioned for me to get the 1000mm lens but i couldn't get it out fast enough and it flew off. fortunately Kathy got some awesome shots before it flew away.
We then drove off and decided to head for the Rappahannock NWR in Warsaw, Va. As we arrived I knew there wouldn't be many people there. I had been there before and there are no signs on the roadways directing you there so I knew there wouldn't be any tourists or curiosity seekers.
We arrived and parked and headed out. One of the many things we have been trying to shoot are amphibious creatures. They are very elusive and it takes allot of patience. This I don't have. But Kathy does. She sat in the same spot for about two hours and got some great shots of some green frogs. also, we were able to get some shots of a couple turtles in the water doing what two turtles would be doing if they knew they were alone.
So that was our weekend. Not much but we did get some good footage and we have posted them on the site.
Till next time....................