Monday, July 6, 2009


Coming up in August we will be disappearing into the Carolina woods and swamps. For this trip we are focusing on black bear, the warbler, reptiles and landscape. We know where the bears are and we plan a full day or maybe two to find and photograph them.

Research is extremely important when shooting wildlife. Joh has spent a considerable amount of time in the books and on the internet studying certain species to learn habits and lifestyles. From what we have discovered we will be spending many hours sitting and waiting. But it is always worth the wait.

Also on this trip we will be bringing the canoe. We are both excited about this. We will have much more access and the ability to see more than we would even hope to if we were to hike most of it. The canoe will particularly come in handy while in the swamps. These areas are the most difficult to access on foot. Although being in the water and sloshing through weeds is not a bad thing for us, we just think using the canoe we can be a little more stealth about it.
Looking forward to posting and also loading pictires onto the website.
BTW, this is going to be our get away anniversary week. We are celebrating 23 years on August 2nd.