Monday, January 25, 2010

Time! We need time!

The holidays are over.  Finally!  The only issue is that we have little time for what we have to do.  School is back in session again.  Not for our kids, but for us.  I am going to school at night and Kthy is going to school twice a week herself. 
We are planning a shoot the middle of February in Maryland.  We are going to shoot some video as well as stills of the local Bald Eagle population on the Eastern Shore.  It will be exciting for sure.

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  1. John,
    Thanks for your comment on my eagle post. If you ever happen to be in Maryland November-February you may want to check out Conowingo Dam. Its just a little northeast of Baltimore. I'm told that in November as many as 200 B Eagles were seen feeding during power generation.

    I took some time poking around your sites; it seems you are involved in some interesting work. Here in Pa. I believe that there may be too much emphasis put on managing wildlife for the outdoor sports and not enough on managing in the best interest of the wildlife.